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Jabalpur Public College of Nursing is one of the reputed institutions which is well administered and offered good infrastructure, facilities and excellent academic activities in Jabalpur which is in the state of Madhya Pradesh and this college excels not only in Academic activities but also in Extra-curricular activities and in Sports too. Students graduated from this college (Jabalpur Public College of Nursing) are placed in top level reputed organizations.

Jabalpur Public college of Nursing course ware is periodically reviewed to meet industry requirement and students aspiration recognized and approved by the Madhya Pradesh Medical Science University. The courses are designed to give Jabalpur Public College of Nursing students an opportunity to apply their intelligence, creativity and leadership skills to the challenges of the technology driven world.

Jabalpur public College of nursing aims to equip students not only with the academic inputs but also with diversified skills, knowledge and attitude to provide a doorway to rewarding careers in Jabalpur. A wide variety of programs of Jabalpur Public College of Nursing are on offer that covers a range of career-oriented qualification.

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Welcome to Jabalpur Public College of Nursing

Online Admission Open For New Session 2023-2024

Director's Message

Mr. Praveen Verma

It gives me immense pride and pleasure to dedicate Jabalpur Public College run by the Shiv Narayan Foundation, in the memory of my father Late Shri Shiv Naryan Verma founded on 21st September 1995....


Principal's Message


It is my privilege to be a part of this prestigious institution. No institution or nation can arise to glory without dedication, commitment, hard work and integrity. We, at the institution aim at the all-round developing of personality and training...